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Carbondale Chiropractor Dr. Melissa McPartland


Dr. Melissa McPartland

Devoted Chiropractic Advocate

There is nothing quite like watching the power that made the body, heal the body.Dr. Melissa McPartland

Dr. Melissa McPartland, or “Doctor Melissa”, graduated from NYCC in 2014 with a doctorate in chiropractic. At a very young age Melissa fell in love with the benefits that came from receiving adjustments. She had chronic headaches, SI joint problems and hip pain as a result of a childhood spent horseback riding and running. She realized at a young age that chiropractic care drastically improved her quality of life…..and so her soul purpose was born!

You will see that she is passionate about wellness…wellness on a structural, nutritional and even emotional level. She is a devoted chiropractic advocate and is looking forward to meeting you and your family!!

Call to schedule an appointment today at (570) 282-1240.