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The Carbondale Chiropractic Center Team

Carbondale Chiropractor, Dr. Gary Latimer

Dr. Gary Latimer

Carbondale Chiropractor : Dr. Gary Latimer

Dr. Latimer likes to say “I grew up a chiropractor – I just didn’t know it!”

With a father who was the President of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, President of the State Board of Chiropractic in Pennsylvania, and a regional director on the east coast, all he knew as a kid was chiropractic!

A Witness to Chiropractic Miracle Stories

But unlike some chiropractic kids who grow up with wellness sewn into them instead of loving chiropractic because they see it radically change a life, Dr. Latimer was also blessed to see more than one amazing chiropractic miracle as a kid. Read more»


Dr. Melissa McPartland

Carbondale Chiropractor : Dr. Melissa McPartland

Dr. McPartland says, “There is nothing quite like watching the power that made the body, heal the body.”

Dr. Melissa McPartland, or “Doctor Melissa”, graduated from NYCC in 2014 with a doctorate in chiropractic. At a very young age Melissa fell in love with the benefits that came from receiving adjustments. She had chronic headaches, SI joint problems and hip pain as a result of a childhood spent horseback riding and running.

Dedicated to Drastically Improving Lives

She realized at a young age that chiropractic care drastically improved her quality of life…..and so her soul purpose was born!




Meet Oliver! Carbondale Chiropractic Center’s registered emotional support golden doodle. He enjoys welcoming everyone who comes into the office.

He loves to give and receive affection, and he loves his dog treats. He is awesome with our chiropractic children. Stop by and meet him today!

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